The Trick To Keeping Argentine Ants Away From Your San Diego Home

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argentine ant on a plant

A highly invasive species, Argentine ants are tiny and incredibly skilled at making their way inside your home. If you want to avoid an Argentine ant infestation on your property, the trick is to invest in San Diego pest control to get rid of this insect for good.

Should I Be Worried If I See One Argentine Ant On My Property?

While many property owners may brush off the sighting of one ant as a nuisance, seeing just one Argentine ant making its way around your property can be a sign of something more troublesome. Ants tend to send out scavengers to find food sources; if an Argentine ant is on your property, it may mean that a large colony of ants is considering moving in. 

Seeing just one Argentine ant could also mean that you have an infestation underway in your home, and there are now enough ants that you are catching sight of them as they look for food and water. Either way, proactive action is necessary when you see these pests to prevent or treat a potential Argentine ant colony on your property. Our experts at Green Flash Pest Control can help you with this.

The Problems Argentine Ants Can Cause In Your House

An Argentine ant colony on your property can cause several problems and present health risks to those in your home. Argentine ants are carriers of bacteria and will bring pathogens from the outdoor areas they walk through into your house; this bacteria will often end up on surfaces and in food storage areas, increasing your risk for disease.

Additionally, Argentine ants are tiny and easily infiltrate homes or utility areas. They can cause damage and create costly repairs in your home if an infestation is allowed to grow out of control. What’s more is that Argentine ants are an invasive species and may disrupt the local ecosystem around your property, leading to significant issues down the road.

How To Prevent Argentine Ant Reinfestation

To learn how to control Argentine ants, follow the prevention steps below. These steps, combined with professional treatment from Green Flash Pest Control, will help stop this pest from moving back into your home.

  • Reduce access to food sources by properly storing leftover food, investing in airtight containers for your pantry, and disposing of trash in tightly sealed bags. Also, refrain from leaving out dirty dishes.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris and the grass trimmed low. This will reduce outdoor Argentine ant hiding places.
  • Address moisture issues around your property to stop pools of water from attracting ants. Fix up leaks inside and outside of your home and ensure proper ventilation on your property.
  • Seal up ant entry points such as cracks in the doors, windows, and foundation of your home. Also, put window and door screens into place.

How Do I Get Rid Of Argentine Ants In My Home?

If you want to know how to get rid of Argentine ants, your first step should be to contact Green Flash Pest Control. Our professionals will determine the scale of an Argentine ant infestation on your property. They will then provide you with effective, targeted solutions that ensure this pest stays out of your home and off your property for good.

For relief from Argentine ants in San Diego, contact our Green Flash Pest Control experts today.