What Are the Most Dangerous Spiders In San Diego?

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black widow on a web

Spiders are creatures found in the majority of countries throughout the world in more than 30,000 various species. Many spiders create webs to capture their prey; however, others roam in search of prey or remain hidden and ambush passing creatures. Most spiders will only bite humans when they feel threatened, and many of these instances involve sudden encounters when rummaging through bags, boxes, or other storage containers.

Types Of Dangerous Spiders 

The female black widow spider has a shiny black body that is round and has a reddish marking on its underside. They typically have a body that is ½ inch long but exceeds one inch, including their legs. Humans that a black widow bites may experience pain and soreness; although fatalities are rare, some individuals may need medical attention.
The brown widow spider is another found in Southern California that has a brown or tan-colored body. Like the black widow, they have a distinctive marking on their undersides, but it appears orange rather than black. Although a brown widow’s bite can sting, they are typically much less harmful than those of black widows.  
The desert recluse has a brown appearance and is commonly confused with the brown recluse spider. The desert recluse spider can bite humans and cause considerable skin irritation, with some people experiencing nausea, cramps, and fever. 

Best Ways Of Preventing Them 

We have a few tips to help you avoid spiders invading your home:

  • Adopt a comprehensive pest control strategy that will limit the population of flying insects and other types that spiders consume.
  • Promptly repair holes in window screens and seal or fill gaps around doors and windows.
  • Limit outdoor lighting, particularly near entryways, which attract many flies and other prey. 
  • Repair leaky faucets or pipes that may be water sources for spiders and their many types of prey.

Why Should I Contact A Professional Pest Controller?

Property owners are encouraged to avoid do-it-yourself treatment options promoted directly to consumers using sensationalized marketing claims. Many of these store-bought options, including traps, sprays, and concentrated formulas, are insufficient in entirely eradicating substantial infestations. Contacting a professional pest exterminator is the best way of responding when you suspect a pest-related problem in your home
The trained staff members at Green Flash Pest Control operate using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. IPM involves a comprehensive strategy that is proactive and deters unwanted critters using a thorough understanding of their behavior. The IPM model employs an approach extending far beyond many traditional pest control techniques that focus on using chemicals that might have harmful long-term effects. 
Aside from minimizing the use of pesticides, the IPM strategies commonly use monitoring devices to understand the activity of pests in an environment and identify nesting sites, harborage areas, and likely points of entry. IPM emphasizes limiting the conditions that attract pests and potentially implementing physical barriers to prevent them from accessing indoor areas. 

Licensed Pest Extermination Company In San Diego 

Did you know that Green Flash Pest Control experts also provide services for eliminating termites, rodents, cockroaches, and many other undesirable and potentially harmful intruders that plague homeowners in the San Diego region? Our locally-owned organization is focused on ensuring that our customers receive high-quality customer service that is unparalleled in this industry. Each of our customers recognizes that we stand behind the quality of our work will a total satisfaction guarantee. 
Our staff is on-hand and available to visit the property and conduct a detailed interior and exterior inspection of the premises to determine the nature of the problem and propose the best solution based on the circumstances. Contact our team today to schedule an estimate or to speak with us about our commercial pest control options.