Phoenix's House Spiders And How to Keep Them Out

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house spider crawling inside

Spiders are arachnids that exist in all of the world’s continents, except for Antarctica. In nature, spiders can play an essential role in reducing the population of many troublesome pests, including flies and mosquitoes. Predators use their jaws (chelicerae) to crush or otherwise incapacitate, then eventually consume, their prey. Spiders have two distinct body sections that include cephalothorax and abdomen, either six of eight eyes, and have glands that generate venom. The American house spider (Parasteatoda tepidariorum) is among the cobweb weaving types of spiders. The American house spider generally appears as brown with speckles or lines of various colors.

The Indoor Activity Of House Spiders 

The American house spider can deliver a painful bite; however, such incidents are infrequent, and their venom does not pose a legitimate threat to human health. They are a relatively small type of spider that prefers to remain somewhat inconspicuous. The American house spider is likely to create their tangled webs near ceilings or floors and patiently wait for possible prey. 

Tips For Preventing Spiders 

Our team has put together several suggestions to help you combat spiders getting into your Phoenix home:

  • Spiders will reside in areas where prey exists, keeping flies and other insects from entering the home.
  • Replace the bulbs in exterior light fixtures near entryways with the yellowish types that are less attractive to flying insects that spiders typically prey on. 
  • Inspect the home’s exterior near the base for any cracks that may allow entry and fill them with a sealant or caulk.
  • Look for gaps around the seals of doors and windows and apply weather stripping and door sweeps as needed.
  • Safely remove spider webs to deter these pests from making themselves at home.

The Importance Of Seeking Assistance From A Pest Control Professional 

Far too many property owners underestimate how relatively minor pest intrusions can quickly become significant infestations and choose to ignore the problem. Others will acknowledge the concern but turn to home remedies that are often just folklore. During the subsequent weeks or months, the pests that now share your home usually reproduce exponentially and become more deeply entrenched within wall cavities, below floorboards, and throughout the duct system. 
Property owners are also generally advised against taking action by purchasing the many do-it-yourself treatment options that are sold by online retailers and in local stores that are often marketed as simple, safe, and effective. In reality, the majority of these aerosol sprays, liquid concentrates, and bait station systems are only capable of generating short-term benefits and may contain harsh chemicals. 
The best option is to consult with an experienced local pest controller with the knowledge and equipment to efficiently and safely eliminate these bothersome creatures. A professional will conduct a thorough inspection of the property’s interior and exterior areas to determine the type of pest(s), the extent of the infestation, and possible points of entry. During many onsite assessments, a pest control technician will identify existing property conditions that make the premises vulnerable to subsequent invasions from unwanted pests. 

Provider Of Pest Extermination Services In Phoenix 

Green Flash Pest Control now offers a wide variety of services that include removing rodents, pantry pests, termites, and more. Our commitment to delivering fast results and diligently following up all services we perform is clearly a formula for success, which is evident by our A-rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 
As a locally owned company that embraces this community, we operate according to the latest best practices for ensuring the safety of our customers, their pets, and the local environment. We look forward to speaking with you and encourage you to contact us today to schedule an estimate.