How To Tell If Turf Deodorizing Treatments Are Right For You

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Artificial turf is easy to maintain, durable, and does not attract bugs to a considerable extent. Due to its inorganic nature, artificial turf lacks the enzymes and microbes that moderate the spread of bacteria, sometimes resulting in an unpleasant odor.

If you are keen on maintaining a presentable lawn free of odor from pet waste and other sources, contact the San Diego pest control professionals at Green Flash Pest Control for turf deodorizing services. Not only will we keep your turf looking and smelling great, but a professional pest control advisor can also recommend effective techniques for pest control if you have ants, roaches, and moths, among other stubborn pests on your premises. 

What Is Turf Deodorizing?

Turf deodorizing involves the spraying down of artificial turf with microbial cleaners to kill odor-causing bacteria, leaving your turf smelling fresh. Like other parts of your home or office space, artificial grass requires regular maintenance and occasional cleaning to eliminate smells left behind by food spills, pet fecal matter, and urine.

San Diego homeowners with artificial turf engage experts in turf deodorizing and pest control in San Diego to treat their spaces to ensure they are free from pests and bad odors.

What Spaces Is Turf Deodorizing Ideal For?

Turf deodorizing is ideal for all spaces on your property where you have installed artificial grass. The common areas ideal for the treatment by your local pest control and turf deodorizing experts are:

  • Yards: Artificial grass installed in narrow yards with high traffic in your home can be exposed to moisture from the elements, pet urine, and food spillage. When left behind, the turf can develop a bad odor. Occasional deodorizing can keep the high foot traffic area smelling fresh and habitable.
  • Pet playground: Its ease of maintenance makes artificial grass ideal for pet play surfaces. Pets can leave behind solid waste. If not cleaned, the space can be a source of foul odor, which is why it requires deodorizing.
  • Balcony: Artificial grass is an ideal solution for lush balconies where they are exposed to pet waste and food and drink spillage, among other kinds of dirt.
  • Sports areas: When installed in your play area, artificial turf is exposed to sweat, resulting in a bad odor when it breaks down. Regular deodorizing of the space will keep the turf smelling fresh and keep the area friendly for your favorite sports and exercise activities.

You can install artificial grass in the walkway, offices, porch, lawn, and outdoor furniture and even use them as rugs. Regardless of the location, the grass is exposed to pet waste, food crumbs, drink spills, and sweat. After some time, the artificial grass may develop a bad odor. Therefore, turf deodorizing is ideal for all spaces with artificial turf to prevent bad odors. 

What To Expect From Turf Deodorizing Services

Artificial turf eliminates the need for mowing or watering. However, it comes with the responsibility of maintaining the grass and keeping it fresh. Quality pest control and turf deodorizing professionals use products such as copper-infused iodine to make the turf smell fresh.

We use enzyme-based deodorizers and products that maintain effectiveness regardless of the weather conditions. The process is water-saving, as we spray the turf with deodorizers, and the smell disappears, leaving your turf smelling like fresh-cut grass.

It means no rinsing jobs, no additional utility bills, and no wet turf. Our deodorizing experts use products that leave your turf looking and smelling great and also prevent the spread of pests and diseases among your pets and family. The products also contain ingredients that control the growth of mildew, mold, and algae on your artificial turf.

Artificial Turf Deodorizing Treatments Formulated For San Diego Spaces

Exposure to the elements, dog urine, and everyday use are common sources of odor in spaces with artificial grass. Out turf deodorizing experts use microbial turf and artificial grass cleaners to eliminate the unpleasant smell and leave your turf smelling fresh. Our treatments are cost-effective and save water and utility bills.

Keeping your lawn smelling fresh and clean is easy with Green Flash Pest Control and turf deodorizing experts, as they provide you with the best solutions for your turf maintenance needs for your pet playground, lawn, indoor spaces, and athletic spaces. Whether you're looking for a one-time service or ongoing treatments, our turf deodorizing services in San Diego are safe for people, pets, and plants. Give us a call to find out more.