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Located less than 15 miles from San Diego, the neighborhood of La Jolla, CA, is a wonderful place where residents and visitors can experience the sunny SoCal life. Unfortunately, our beautiful seaside area is also home to year-round pest activity, meaning local homes and businesses are susceptible to infestation. Experiencing a pest infestation poses a multitude of risks for your property and everyone inside of it, and that’s why we suggest relying on help from a team of highly trained pest experts. 
Green Flash Pest Control is your local source of complete residential and commercial pest control solutions. Since 2015, our family-owned and operated company has been servicing properties throughout San Diego County and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to make sure that pests are gone in a flash, and we don’t stop until you’re satisfied with the results. With over 25 years of combined industry experience, you can feel confident knowing that we have your back no matter what. Call today to get started.

Home Pest Control In La Jolla, CA

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La Jolla is a great place to own a home, and to protect your property, you should be aware of your pest control needs. Our residential pest control services are tailor made for each customer, and it is our goal to bring you guaranteed results that you and your loved ones can count on. We deal with a long list of common area intruders, some of which include termites, ants, cockroaches, rodents, stinging insects, spiders, fleas, ticks, earwigs, pigeons, and scorpions. 
We also offer additional services for rodent exclusions and sanitizing, turf treatments for deodorizing/sanitizing, pigeon proofing, German cockroach clean outs, organic pest control solutions, termite control and repair, ornamental agricultural and turf treatments, and stored product pest control. Whatever household pest problem you’re facing, you can count on us to help you. Reach out for your home service estimate.

Commercial Pest Control In La Jolla, CA

For the best commercial pest control solutions in the area, look no further than Green Flash Pest Control. Our team specializes in pest counseling and management for rentals/airbnbs, and Homeowners’ Associations. We’ve serviced hundreds of local businesses, including retail stores, office spaces, warehouses, factories, hospitality, doctor’s offices, and property management. Our commercial pest control process starts with an in-depth consultation with the client, reviewing their pest pressures and concerns. 
Once we finish speaking with the client, we conduct a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the infestation, and we come up with a customized treatment report. Our team develops an approach to treat the property thoroughly and effectively, and after we implement our solution, we will return for follow-up services on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually basis. Get in touch with us today to address your commercial pest control needs.

What Attracts Ants To La Jolla Properties?

Your La Jolla property is very enticing to local ant populations, and that exposes you to the dangers of infestation. Here are some common attractants around your home or business, and the ways in which you may be contributing to the problem:

  • Allowing a damp rug or a wet towel to sit too long without being washed and dried. 
  • Failure to tend to any cracks or gaps in the foundation.
  • Forgetting to repair torn window and door screens. 
  • Ignoring spills or messes that leave sugary residue and crumbs on the countertop or floor.
  • Improperly storing your food, allowing ants access.
  • Leaving sources of standing water in and around the property.

When it comes to protecting your La Jolla property from ant infestation, the best thing you can do is get ongoing pest protection from the pros. The team at Green Flash Pest Control provides reliable ant control and prevention services that home and businesses owners can depend on. We’ll address all ant attractants around your property, and eliminate conducive conditions to keep ants away moving forward. Reach out today to discuss your ant control needs

Six Signs Of A Cockroach Infestation In La Jolla, CA

Finding cockroaches around your property is unsettling for many reasons. Many of us don’t want to wait until the moment we see a roach crawling across the room. Rather, many of us would like to address the issue as quickly and proactively as possible. To identify cockroach activity, there are a variety of common signs. Here are six indications to keep in mind:

1. Egg casings found around pipes, cabinets, and refrigerators.

2. Skin shedding discarded by roaches throughout their lifecycle.

3. Cockroach droppings left around active areas.

4. A musky, unpleasant odor around the property.

5. Brown, irregular shaped smear marks around active areas.

6. Damage to food packaging, and personal belongings like books and leather.

If you detect any of these signs, there’s a good chance you have a cockroach infestation on your hands. The best way to guard your property from roach activity is to seek out help from the pest professionals. Call Green Flash Pest Control for all your cockroach control and prevention needs.


All The Ways Ants Get Into Your La Jolla Home

If the beaches and near-perfect weather and climate of La Jolla are a couple of the best things you love about the city, guess what: ants love the LaJolla as much as you do. In fact, on top of the beautiful weather and climate that ants thrive in, the fact that your home provides them food sources makes your home an even better feature that brings them into your home.

One thing to understand about ants is that they’re incredibly resourceful. Ant workers (the foragers) will be on the hunt for food, looking for various entry points. Worker ants will invade your home by crawling through cracks, holes, and tiny crevices in your home’s exterior.

Home maintenance strategies will play a vital role in preventing ants from gaining access to your home. You’ll need to properly seal all cracks and crevices as well as areas where wiring or piping goes through your house. Trim back any overgrown vegetation that’s too close to your home.

But because ants are so tiny and invade homes in numbers, only professional pest control services will clear entire ant infestations from your home. Remember that when you see a few tiny ants around your home, there is likely more lingering, and a can of bug spray won’t get the job done. Call Green Flash Pest Control for complete and total ant removal.


Three Things Everyone In La Jolla Should Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are probably one of the ‘creepiest’ pests to have in your home, not just because they’re blood-feeders, but more so because of how they get in your home. Waking up to red bites on your body is just unsettling to many, especially when you didn't go to bed with such bites. That’s when the invasion of personal space starts anxiety, and then panic begins. That’s when Green Flash Pest Control comes in.

There are many misconceptions about bed bugs that aren’t true, and believing these misconceptions leads to getting bed bugs in your home. Take a look at three facts about bed bugs that disprove certain misconceptions:

  1. Bed bugs don’t just reside in beds. You can find bed bugs in headboards, electrical outlets, under loose wallpaper, baseboards, cars, and in the seams of couches and chairs.
  2. You don’t get bed bugs from having a dirty house. You can have a spotless, spic, span, clean home and still have bed bugs.
  3. Bed bugs don’t spread disease: They need blood meals to survive, but they’re not vectors of diseases like mosquitoes or ticks.

Bed bugs aren’t limited to homes and hotels. Bed bugs can be anywhere humans congregate simply because that’s where they get their blood meals. Additionally, your home can be spotless, and you can have an infestation from buying used furniture; that’s how easy it is to bring bed bugs into your home. And though bed bugs don’t spread disease, their bites can be very itchy, and if you scratch your bites excessively, it can lead to secondary infection.

If you suspect you may have bed bugs, don’t try to treat the bed bug infestation yourself; give us a call to request your inspection today.


How To Keep Wasps And Hornets Away From Your La Jolla Yard

You may not know the difference between wasps and hornets, and that’s okay. The main thing to know about them is that they’re dangerous to have on your property. The moment you see any, you need to set up an appointment for professional wasp control services as soon as possible. These pests sting and reactions can be life-threatening to highly allergic individuals.

In that case, you may be wondering how to keep these stinging insects away from your yard. You can implement some practical prevention tips to make your home less attractive to wasps and hornets. Consider taking some of these preventive measures:

  • Keep outdoor eating areas free of food debris and drink containers.
  • Reduce the number of flowering plants near your home’s exterior doors and windows.
  • Repair leaking pipes and fixtures.
  • Cut back tree branches from the roofline of your house.
  • Cut shrubs and bushes back away from your home’s exterior.
  • Eliminate standing water that will provide a water source for these insects.
  • Clear away brush piles, fallen trees, and hollow trees from your yard.
  • Clean your grill regularly to remove food debris

You’d be surprised at what a little yard work and home maintenance will do in safeguarding your home and family from these stinging insects. But before practicing these prevention habits, it’s going to be in your best interest to have wasp and hornet removal services done first. That way, when you start trimming vegetation and cutting tree branches, you won’t disturb any nests you may not have seen. Do not attempt to remove any stinging insects on your own at all costs. Call Green Flash Pest Control for the safe removal of wasps and hornets.


What Everyone Ought To Know About La Jolla Ticks And Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by the blacklegged tick. If a Lyme disease-infected tick bites you, the bacteria will travel through your bloodstream and impact various tissues in your body. Fortunately, if an infected tick bit you, the threat of Lyme disease isn't severe unless the tick stays attached to your body for 36 to 48 hours.

Suppose a tick bite is left untreated for longer than 36 to 48 hours. In that case, the infection can then become a serious inflammatory condition that negatively impacts your nervous system, skin, joints, and organs. The threat of Lyme disease alone is all the more reason to ensure you’re adequately covered when out in nature. To reduce your chances of getting bit by ticks, implement the following prevention methods:

  • Put any tick-exposed clothing in the dryer set on high heat to kill any lingering pests.
  • Wear tick repellent.
  • Wear long sleeves and pants with pants tucked into socks.
  • Check your body for ticks after coming indoors from being outdoors.
  • Take a shower with two hours of being outdoors.
  • Try to avoid areas of overgrown vegetation or tall grass.

As a La Jolla resident, especially if you enjoy being outdoors, these tips and information will prove valuable in preventing tick bites and the likelihood of Lyme disease, whether in your yard or out on hiking trails. However, if you suspect you have a tick infestation in your yard, reach out to Green Flash Pest Control. We have all the tools and equipment to properly and effectively treat your home.

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