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If you love beautiful scenery, ocean access, and an almost perfect climate, La Mesa is an ideal place to live. The so-called “Jewel of the Hills,” La Mesa’s tree-lined streets, easily walkable neighborhoods, convenient retail areas, and well-known downtown village are even more reasons to call La Mesa home.
And as close to perfect as La Mesa is, it isn’t without problems. Like most communities in California, pests can be an issue for La Mesa residents.

At Green Flash Pest Control, we have 25 years of experience treating the pests that call Southern California home. Whether you are looking for pest control for your home or business, we guarantee that a friendly, knowledgeable technician will provide a solution to your pest control needs. No matter what you are facing, your satisfaction is our first priority.

Home Pest Control In La Mesa, CA

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Have you been dealing with a pest problem in your La Mesa home? Are you worried about preventing pest infestations in the future? If you fit either of these categories, then contact us at Green Flash Pest Control today. Our technicians will make sure that your home is protected from the pests that call La Mesa home. Here are just a few of the things you can expect when you work with us:

  • Friendly, professional, and fully-licensed technicians that show up on time and in uniform

  • A thorough evaluation of your property, identifying your specific pest pressures and the variety of options available to treat them

  • Customized service plans

  • Transparent communication regarding your home’s pest control needs

  • Treatments that are safe for your family and your pets

  • No contracts or cancellation fees

If pests in your home are a concern for you, contact us today. We can develop a home pest control plan that is environmentally friendly while keeping your family and your property safe.  

Commercial Pest Control In La Mesa, CA 

Pest control for your business not only protects your customers, employees, building, and inventory, but your company’s reputation as well. And in today’s era of social media and online reviews, protecting your reputation has never been more important. Whether you own a restaurant, a clothing store, or any other business, all it takes is one person to post about the roach or rat they saw run across the floor to have your business all over the internet.

Fortunately, at Green Flash Pest Control, we understand what it takes to keep your business operating pest-free. Our technicians evaluate your business individually and develop a plan to eliminate and prevent infestations. This plan will include using natural pest management methods in place of pesticides where possible, including:

  • Exclusion services

  • Roof repair

  • Attic clean-out or sanitation

  • Setting and monitoring traps

  • Education of employees

Every business has unique pest control needs. Our technicians have the training, expertise, and technology to make sure that your business is protected from pests and the damage they can cause to your business and your reputation.  

How Concerned Should I Be About Stored Product Pests In La Mesa, CA?

Stored product pests can be trouble for homeowners. Usually they gain access to your home in food products from the grocery store while they are in larval form and hard to see. These so called “pantry pests” are common in flour, dry cereal, spices, and candy. While they are hard to spot, there are some things you can do to keep stored product pests out of your home and pantry:

  • Purchase only sealed packages with no signs of damage.

  • Use pantry items before the expiration date.

  • Keep cabinets clean.

  • Store food in secure containers with lids.

A stored pest problem can spread quickly. If you suspect a stored product pest infestation, contact us today. We can take care of these pests quickly, keeping your food and your family protected.

Guide To Protecting Your La Mesa, CA Property From Termite Damage

Termites are a pest that no homeowner wants to deal with. These small, destructive pests do $5 billion in damage across the United States each year. Individually, a termite infestation can cost a homeowner around $3,000 on average. If seeing these numbers makes you want to do what you can to prevent termites, here are some steps you can take to make your home a less inviting target:

  • Keep mulch at least six inches from your home’s foundation.

  • Keep firewood stored at least 20 feet away from your home.

  • Control moisture by directing gutters and downspouts away from your home.

  • Check your HVAC system and plumbing regularly for leaks.

  • Be aware of the signs of a termite infestation, including frass, mud tubes, and the presence of swarmers on your property.

If you see any signs of termites around your home, call us immediately for termite control. We will get to work quickly to treat your home and prevent further damage. If you don’t think you have termites, but want peace of mind, or want to talk about termite prevention services, we can help with that, too. We can even pretreat new construction to keep it termite-free. For any of your termite protection needs, contact us today and we will make sure your home is safe from the termites and the damage they can cause.


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