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Don't Let Pigeons Ruin Your San Diego Property

Birds are beautiful and fascinating animals, but they can create problems when they perch or roost on your roof, ledges, and other areas. If you're a homeowner, you can find yourself frustrated by birds getting under your solar panels or leaving excrement all over your roof. If you own a business property, birds can impact the comfort of your employees and customers and also present a risk for contamination. We help property owners get control of bird problems with the installation of eco-friendly bird deterrents in the Escondido area and beyond.

Pigeon Proofing Services From Green Flash Pest Control

bird spikes used for pigeon proofing homes

Solar Panel Exclusions

If your home or business has a solar panel array, that array can provide the perfect harborage for birds. When birds get underneath your solar panels and roost, they can cause damage and impede the operation of your array. We apply coated wire mesh—and concrete if needed—to create a barrier that keeps birds from getting underneath your panels and finding harborage. This exclusion material does not damage your roof, and no holes need to be drilled into your solar panels. It is clamped in place with weather-resistant clips that make your exclusion a long-lasting investment. 


There are many cases, especially in commercial environments, when birds are not wanted. If a bird perches over an area where people are enjoying outdoor seating, their waste can be a serious issue. Netting provides a natural barrier to let birds know where they're not allowed to perch or roost.

Bird Spikes

This bird control product sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Bird spikes don't poke birds. They act like a scarecrow. When birds see the spikes, they're deterred from landing and perching. This is a visual deterrent that can have a big impact on pest birds.

Voltage Deterrents

Some birds need more incentive to go away. If this is the case, voltage deterrents may be used. These provide a low-level electric shock to let birds know they're not welcome. It doesn't harm the birds.

Comprehensive Bird Services You Can Rely On

When birds are a problem, there are almost always secondary problems that need to be addressed. Two common problems that arise are contamination and bird mites.

  • If birds have roosted in an area, the area should be decontaminated. This can be an unpleasant job. We offer a cleaning and sanitizing service to address this for you.

  • If secondary pests are discovered, such as bird mites, we offer several treatment options. After careful evaluation, we may suggest a liquid application at the site of the infestation, fogging of an infested space, or another appropriate control solution. 

When birds become a problem, you don't have to tackle that problem on your own. Let the team here at Green Flash pest control apply appropriate exclusions and deterrents to keep birds away and address issues in the areas where birds have roosted. If you're in our San Diego service area, or points north of San Diego, reach out to us today for assistance. We're here to help you find solutions to all of your pest concerns.

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