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Santee, CA, is a beautiful place located between the Pacific Ocean, and the mountains of the Cleveland National Forest. We enjoy a sunny climate all year round, and our community is filled with tons of small-town charm. Santee is a very welcoming place, and pests find conditions very enticing here. When pests get into local homes and businesses, they can wreak havoc around the entire property, and threaten the well-being of everyone on the premises. 
If you want guaranteed protection from the dangers of pest infestation, look no further than the team at Green Flash Pest Control. Since 2015, our family-owned, and operated company has been servicing properties throughout San Diego County and the surrounding areas. We’re proud to provide year-round pest coverage that our valued customers can depend on. Reach out to us to request your free estimate.

Home Pest Control In Santee, CA

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You and your loved ones depend on your home to keep you safe from outside harm. That includes pest activity, which can be very threatening to your home and your family. Our residential pest control solutions give Santee homeowners the comfort of knowing they’re protected from pests. We’ve serviced over 5,000 local homes, providing year-round coverage from household pest infestation. Once we finish inspecting the premises, we determine the right plan of action to tackle the problem. Some of our treatments include: 

  • Perimeter spray treatments.

  • Interior sprays and wall injections.

  • Landscape treatments with granules.

  • Exterior de-webbing and full patio service.

  • Spot treatments for vent lines, eaves, and disposal areas.

  • Hardscaping and wasp nest removal.

  • Follow-up services and garage treatments.

From start to finish, our team is dedicated to your complete satisfaction every step of the way. Our expert technicians will work with you to develop the right approach, making sure you and your loved ones are kept safe and unaffected the entire time. Call today for all your residential pest control needs. 

Commercial Pest Control In Santee, CA

Your Santee property deserves the absolute best protection from pest infestation, and that’s exactly what we’re here for. We provide trusted commercial pest control services to a variety of facilities, such as retail shops, office spaces, warehouses, factories, hospitality, doctor’s offices, and property management. We start with a thorough inspection, to identify all pest activity and problem areas. 
Then, we determine the right plan of action. After we treat the premises, we return for follow-up service on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually basis to meet your needs. Our team of qualified and licensed pest professionals is committed to providing the Green Flash Difference. This promise offers customized solutions that are guaranteed, lasting, and always effective. Contact us for your detailed quote. 

How Dangerous Are The Common House Spiders in Santee?

Here in Santee, homeowners are exposed to the presence of spider infestation all year long. The most frequent intruder is the common house spider. These arthropods get into our homes, and inhabit shady, cool areas such as garages, attics, and basements. But the good news is, house spiders are more afraid of us than we are of them. 
The common house spiders that tend to hang out in our homes usually only bite in self-defense. Even when they do bite, the spider doesn’t inject any dangerous venom into your body. Unless you’re dealing with a brown recluse spider, or a black widow spider, there’s no real reason to worry about the presence of spiders on your property.
While they pose no real threat, they’re still not welcome in our homes and businesses, and as a homeowner, it’s important to consider your spider control needs. Green Flash Pest Control provides complete spider solutions that you can depend on all year long. Call for your detailed service estimate. 

How To Tell The Difference Between A Hornet & Wasp in Santee, CA

We have a variety of stinging insects here in Santee, and it’s important for local property owners to be conscious of their presence. Wasps and hornets are common species in the area, and they like to nest in our yards. If you’re wondering about difference between the two species, there are many factors that distinguish a hornet from a wasp:


  • Type of wasp.
  • Social insects.
  • Larger and more robust than wasps.
  • Shorter than wasps.
  • Build their nests in the ground.


  • Social or solitary insects (depending on the species).
  • Smaller and narrower bodies, with a pinched waist.
  • Measuring half an inch to one inch long.
  • Build nests in branches, bushes, along fences, gutters, and eaves.

Both hornets and wasps emerge in the warm weather months, and can sting their victims more than once. The smartest way to control hornets, wasps, and other stinging insects around your property is to reach out to a team of experienced pest professionals. Green Flash Pest Control offers year-round stinging insect control solutions that give you the protection you deserve. Contact us today to get started.


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