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Keep Landscaping Pests Out Of Your Riverside County Yard

There are many plant-damaging pests that can attack the vegetation in your landscaping as well as damage your turfgrass. The one you're probably most aware of is aphids, but there are many threats to the health of your plants, such as white flies, inchworms, scale insects, and city mold. At the root of many of these issues are plants that aren't getting enough nutrients. Our Turf & Ornamental Agricultural Treatments take these problems head on.

Our Turf & Ornamental Agricultural Treatment Offerings

white flies all over a big leafy plant

There are two ways we address agricultural pests  in the Hidden Meadows, CA area. These work together to give your vegetation long-lasting protection and much-needed nutrients.

  • Liquid Applications — Our licensed pest professionals apply a liquid application to all of the landscaping within your property lines. This application is child and pet-friendly, so you don't have to be concerned about exposure.

  • Root Soaks —  When fungus gnats, root aphids, white flies, and other pests come to attack the roots of your plants, this application addresses them. The EPA-approved product we use is child and pet-friendly, so you don't have to worry about dogs or kids digging it up and becoming sick. It can also be used around fruit trees and berry bushes.

At the heart of aphid problems is often nutrient deficiencies. We apply products and methods to help plants that are suffering from magnesium and iron deficiencies as well as other issues. This makes them healthier and more resistant to pests, city mold, and diseases.

Systemic Health

When your plants are unhealthy, it attracts aphids and other plant-damaging pests. Some of these plant-damaging pests use their sucking mouth parts to draw sap from your plants, making the plants even more sickly. After removing the sap, these insects excrete a sweet food source called honeydew that attracts ants and other pests. It doesn't take long for things to get out of hand and for unwanted pests to start entering structures on your property. Our Turf & Ornamental Agricultural Treatments get to the source of the problem and will provide your landscaping and turf what they need to systemically resist pests and reduce pest activity.

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