How To Effectively Get Rid Of Roaches In San Diego

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Cockroaches are a common pest in the San Diego area due to the warm and dry weather most of the year. This ancient invader has been around for millions of years and has adapted to survive in many different ways. Cockroaches can live off feces and non-food items, hold their breath underwater for over half an hour and become increasingly resistant to pesticides. If you have seen cockroaches in your home, it is time to learn how to identify the different types of cockroaches in California. And get educated on the dangerous diseases they are known to spread, and discover the trick to getting rid of them in your home. If you are struggling with an infestation, Green Flash Pest Control provides effective pest control in San Diego to keep you safe.

How To Identify Common Types Of Cockroaches

All cockroaches have two long antennae and six spine-covered legs. There are four types of cockroaches that you need to learn to identify in the San Diego area:

  • German cockroaches: You can recognize these small and light brown cockroaches by the black stripes on the back of their head.
  • American cockroaches: These are some of the largest cockroaches you will encounter. They are generally reddish brown with a yellow figure-eight pattern behind the head.
  • Brown-banded cockroaches: These cockroaches are tan to light brown and can measure 1/2 an inch in length. They have two light-colored bands across their wings and abdomen. 
  • Oriental cockroaches: Oriental cockroaches are small and dark in color. Unlike some cockroaches, which have wings down the length of their body, theirs are shorter.

Whether you see these cockroaches or a different type, the next step is to get rid of them, as they can spread various dangerous diseases.

The Dangerous Diseases Cockroaches Are Known To Spread

If you see signs of cockroaches in your home, you are at risk of contracting various dangerous diseases like cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, listeria, and salmonella. Cockroaches are opportunistic pests who invade food storage areas and leftovers as soon as they feel they are not at risk of being detected by humans. This means that as soon as you leave the house or go to bed, cockroaches in your home are likely to come out and spread pathogens on your kitchen counters, floors, and food supply. If you have noticed a cockroach in your food, we highly recommend that you get rid of it to avoid contamination and find out how and why these unhygienic invaders got inside your house.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home

The best way to kill cockroaches in your home is to find out how and why they got in, remove the factors that led to your infestation, and use effective treatments. Cockroaches usually come in through access points like cracks in walls and foundations, gaps under doors, damaged pipes, and more. They are often attracted to easily accessed food sources like leftovers on countertops, spills on floors, and improperly stored starches and sweets, but something as simple as leaks and garbage can draw them in. Cockroaches do not need much to thrive, and getting rid of them can be tricky. Calling the pros at the first sign of a cockroach problem is the best way to eliminate them.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Cockroaches In Your Home

Getting rid of cockroaches isn’t as easy as getting rid of fruit flies. These dangerous carriers of diseases are constantly evolving to resist the latest treatments, and they can be hard to spot during the day. At Green Flash Pest Control, we are a locally-owned, family-based company with years of experience dealing with San Diego pests, including cockroaches. Contact us today to get a free estimate or to schedule a home inspection. Our team of professionals will be able to determine how cockroaches were able to invade and how you can prevent them from coming in year-round after a successful treatment plan. With options like thorough clean-outs, liquid insecticide treatments for cracks and crevices, dust applications, cockroach control products, and cockroach baits, to name just a few, we have the tools needed to get rid of your cockroach problem safely.

Cockroaches are dangerous pests that can cause a variety of illnesses. They also reproduce quickly and are experts at avoiding people, coming out at night, and when the house is quiet to take over your home. Don’t let them cause any more problems. Let us take care of your infestation and show you how to get rid of cockroaches for good.