Keep Pigeons At Bay: Expert Strategies For Effective Pigeon Prevention And Control In San Diego

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When you think of pest control services, the idea of controlling pigeons may not come immediately to mind. However, these birds can be extremely problematic, creating quite a bit of filth and potential damage to your home or business. Once pigeons move in, it’s challenging to convince them to leave when you’re working on your own.

That’s where the professionals at Green Flash Pest Control can become valuable partners for you. When you need pigeon control in San Diego, CA, you can trust our company’s 25-plus years of collective experience in the industry. 

Our expert team thoroughly investigates the problem you are having with these pesky birds before recommending a solution for removal and control. We only provide service methods that are safe to use around your family, your pets, and your business’ customers. We are not satisfied with the job until you are.

Physical Characteristics Of Pigeons: How To Identify Them

From a distance, it can be difficult to be certain whether you are seeing pigeons or another kind of bird. Some of the most common characteristics of pigeons include:

  • Up to 11 inches in length from head to feet
  • Usually light gray body feathers
  • Iridescent feathers across the neck that seem green or blue
  • Gray or pink beak that’s straight
  • Two dark-colored stripes along the wings
  • Black stripe on the tail
  • Red feet

They also have some habits that may help you identify them. Pigeons tend to live and build nests around areas where they have shelter. Where some birds prefer to live in trees, pigeons are more likely to nest in man-made objects, like buildings, warehouses, bridges, and barns. They often are found in urban areas like San Diego rather than rural areas.

If you are unsure whether the pesky birds you are seeing at your property are actually pigeons, don’t let this deter you from seeking treatment for pigeon pest control. Instead, count on the experts at Green Flash Pest Control to give you certainty about what you are seeing before creating a plan for treatment.

Understanding The Pigeon Problem: Causes And Consequences

Because pigeons tend to congregate in large flocks, it becomes important to seek pigeon bird control as soon as you notice these pests. If you have a few pigeons invading your property one week, you may have a huge group of birds the following week. If pigeons can find sources of food near your property, they are more likely to move in and stay. They will forage in multiple locations around your property, including:

  • Bird feeders
  • Trash cans
  • Compost piles and bins
  • Gardens
  • Nearby parks
  • Nearby outdoor cafes and restaurants

There are multiple reasons why commercial and residential pigeon control is so important. Pigeons are filthy birds, meaning they leave behind a huge mess in nesting areas. They also carry secondary pests, like bird mites, lice, and ticks. When they are congregating in large numbers, they leave behind a significant volume of droppings, which can create slick spaces on sidewalks and steps.

Create A Pigeon-Proof Environment: Strategies For Effective Prevention

Can pest control get rid of pigeons? Our team at Green Flash Pest Control has experience eliminating these pests, and we are ready to help with your problem. Once we remove the pigeons, we then can provide advice on steps you can take to keep them away.

Start by removing sources of food and water that draw these birds. Don’t keep birdbaths and bird feeders on your property. Fix leaking outdoor faucets and hoses that could leave standing water. 

On your property, fix broken windows on commercial buildings, add chimney caps, and add covers to vents to keep pigeons from finding an interior location to build a nest.

The Importance of Professional Pigeon Control: Benefits And Solutions

When you are seeing an infestation of pigeons at your property, relying on the pros at Green Flash Pest Control is the best option. We have the experience and knowledge that gives us an edge over other companies. As a family-owned pest control company, we focus on customer service and satisfaction.

We have a track record of success with our pigeon removal services in San Diego, thanks to our training and our attention to detail. You can be certain we will not cut corners when we are inspecting your property or deploying treatment methods to remove these pests.

You don’t have to put up with the mess and filth that pigeons bring to your San Diego property. Leave this problem to our team of pros. Reach out to Green Flash Pest Control today for a free inspection.