Are You Seeing Big Cockroaches In Your San Diego Home?

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cockroach on tile

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests for which homeowners seek pest control in San Diego. Most people think of cockroaches as a pest that only plagues the most unsavory parts of urban environments. However, these insects are abundant around San Diego, where warmth is easy to come by.

There are many types of cockroaches, but the two most likely species to find their way into your San Diego home are the German cockroaches, American cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, and brown-banded cockroaches.

German cockroaches are found throughout the world. They are small and typically tan, with two dark stripes running down their backs. German cockroaches prefer damp, warm areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

American cockroaches are the largest of the San Diego roaches. They are reddish-brown with yellow markings on their back. They are also capable of flight. American cockroaches prefer to live in warm, damp places outside, such as sewers and gutters.

Oriental cockroaches are black roaches with a shiny or wet appearance. They prefer cooler areas such as basements, trash, and shrubbery. Oriental cockroaches require a lot of water to thrive and will often be spotted in areas where water pools. Despite their wings, oriental cockroaches cannot fly.

Brown-banded cockroaches are fairly small and, as their name suggests, possess two stripes or bands on their dark brown bodies. Males have wings capable of flight. Brown-banded cockroaches prefer hot, dry areas indoors, such as cabinetry, furniture, and ceilings.

Does Seeing One Cockroach Mean You Have An Infestation?

A single cockroach in your San Diego home could be an accidental invader, or it could be a harbinger of more to come. The best thing homeowners can do is to keep an eye out for signs and symptoms of a cockroach infestation, such as:

  • Finding tiny, dark droppings or smearing on furniture, in cupboards, or along baseboards
  • Discovering cockroach eggs in your home, which may be glued to the bottom of furniture
  • A musty odor left behind by cockroach pheromones
  • Cockroach skin sheddings left behind as young cockroaches grow

These signs are all red flags that a bigger roach problem may be happening in your home. As cockroaches are nocturnal, they may be hard to spot around the home, but a keen-eyed homeowner can spot the telltale signs.

Can Roaches In The House Really Make You Sick?

Although roaches rarely bite and are not poisonous, they are filthy creatures. They have tiny hairs on their legs that capture and retain particles of whatever they walk across. Cockroaches frequent sewage and trash heaps and then trail that bacteria along counters and food. As such, they are big causes of food contamination and food poisoning. In fact, cockroaches have been found to carry over 30 pathogens that can cause illness in people.

Why Do You Have Roaches In Your House?

Several factors can attract cockroaches to your San Diego home if you are not careful. Most cockroaches seek out food, warmth, and moisture. If your home provides this along with easy access, they are bound to enter. Some other things that will attract cockroaches include uncovered trashcans, food left out, poor ventilation, excess moisture in and around the home, and cluttered spaces.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your House?

Prevention is always the best place to start when it comes to keeping pests like cockroaches away. However, if a cockroach infestation is already underway, then a professional pest control company, such as Green Flash Pest Control, can safely and successfully get rid of cockroaches. We offer no contracts, no cancellation fees, and an array of customizable treatments to fit every home and every property. Reach out to Green Flash Pest Control today for a pest-free San Diego home!