Professional Rodent Control In Riverside: Is It Worth The Price?

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rodent infestation in pantry

How often do you worry about rodents? Most people do not think about these furry pests unless they are currently dealing with an active infestation. This is normal. If you are here today because rodents are living inside your home, you are in the right place. We are experts and would be happy to help you address your problem. Here is what you need to know about professional rodent control in Riverside and whether this option is right for you. If you already know this option is right for you or you are on the fence, feel free to give us a call. Our team will walk you through our options, give a quote for your home, and schedule a service visit if you decide professional rodent control is your best option. 

What Kinds Of Rodent Control Are There?

There are many creatures that fall into the order of Rodentia. Some common rodents you may have heard of include groundhogs, beavers, rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and hamsters. Now, as you might already know, most of these animals do not invade homes. The three types of rodents you need to look out for are rats, mice, and sometimes squirrels. Rats and mice are especially common here in Riverside and love invading local homes. Why? Because our interior spaces provide them with food, moisture, and shelter. The only thing stopping these pests from invading is the condition of your home’s exterior. 

Typically Told Myths About Rodent Control 

If you currently have rodents inside your home, it is important that you know what control methods work and what methods don’t. To help with this, here are four commonly told myths about rodent control. 

  1. Laying down a few traps will solve your problem. This will only work if you have a small infestation of rodents. As infestations grow, traps become less and less effective.
  2. You will hear rodents inside your walls. This is usually not true. Both mice and rats are nimble and light on their feet. This makes it difficult to know if your problem is fully gone.
  3. Rats do not attack people. Rats become aggressive when they feel trapped and will attack people and animals much larger than themselves to escape a scary situation.
  4. Trapping is the solution for rodents. If all you use to combat rodents are traps, you may never fully address the problem. Experts use many different strategies including baiting, exclusion, and special products to combat these pests.

To learn more about rodent control, we highly recommend partnering with a local professional. 

Is Professional Rodent Control Worth The Cost?

If you are looking for a cost-effective option to control rodents in Riverside, professional rodent control is your only good option. This is the only way to avoid stressing yourself out with ineffective control methods. At Green Flash Pest Control, we offer guaranteed solutions for rat, mouse, and squirrel infestations and would be happy to assist with your needs. 

Can Green Flash Pest Control Help With Rodents On My Property?

If you are dealing with wild rodents inside or around your Riverside home, you need professional pest control. At Green Flash Pest Control, we work hard to ensure members of our community have access to top-tier services. We will inspect your home and property, identify problems you are having, and use industry-leading rodent control methods to give these pests the boot. This is by far the best way to handle rodent problems on your Riverside property. 

Reach out now to find a solution to scary rodents. We will walk you through our Riverside pest control options and help you find a good answer to your pest problems.