Earwigs: Common Household Nuisance Pests Around San Diego

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Living with an earwig invasion can be an uncomfortable experience. With a ravenous appetite for all things vegetation, these odd-looking insects, with a bizarre-sounding name, can cause an array of issues for homeowners. Their unsightly appearance and rapid reproduction rates can be extremely distressing. These creatures are notorious for seeking shelter indoors during unfavorable weather conditions, making it challenging to obliterate them completely.

What a relief that Green Flash Pest Control is here to provide our residents with the highest quality earwig control in San Diego. Our licensed pest professionals possess the background, skills, and modern tools to send these peculiar critters packing. Continue reading to learn more about earwigs and how pest specialists can quickly get rid of them.

What Are Earwigs?

Earwigs are insects with distinctive, elongated bodies that typically range from 5 to 25 millimeters in length. They have a pair of pincer-like appendages, known as cerci, at the end of their abdomen. As primarily nocturnal creatures, earwigs are active at night and seek shelter during the day. They prefer habitats with moist and dark conditions, such as gardens, inside crevices, and under rocks or logs.

Their diet primarily consists of decaying plant matter, fungi, and other insects, making them beneficial to ecosystems as decomposers. However, some species may also feed on live plants, leading to potential agricultural or horticultural concerns. And despite their name and the folklore surrounding it, these insects don’t crawl into the ears of humans while they sleep.

If you’ve encountered earwigs in your home, reach out to your local pest control company for a property assessment.

The Earwig: A Harmless But Bothersome Nuisance Pest

Although they’re harmless to humans, earwigs in San Diego still manage to create turmoil when they infiltrate your home. These seemingly innocuous insects can evoke squeals and shudders from even the bravest of souls. Their preference for dark and damp environments leads them to seek refuge in the unlikeliest of places, surprising you in the dead of night or lurking behind various objects during the day.

While they may not pose any direct physical harm, their presence alone can sound alarm bells. Earwigs have an uncanny ability to multiply rapidly, making their invasion an ongoing annoyance that challenges one's patience and peace of mind. From the distress of finding them in unexpected places to the frustration of trying to keep them at bay, these unassuming creatures manage to cause quite the commotion in an otherwise tranquil household.

So, if you’re currently dealing with an earwig infestation, contact our licensed pest professionals at Green Flash Pest Control immediately.

How You Can Minimize Your Risk For Earwig Activity

Once you get rid of earwigs completely, the last thing you want is to experience another infestation. To keep these pesky intruders out of your domain long-term, look over the following preventative measures: 

  • Reduce excess moisture by repairing leaky pipes and plumbing.
  • Fill in small holes, cracks, and gaps that you find around your home.
  • Keep your surroundings tidy and free from clutter and debris.
  • Replace standard white outdoor lights with yellow or sodium vapor bulbs that are less appealing.
  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your property to create a barrier.

If the earwig infestation becomes severe and these tips don’t yield satisfactory results, it's advisable to seek professional assistance from qualified pest specialists.

What To Do If You've Already Started Seeing Earwigs In San Diego

For fast and effective earwig removal, trust professionals with the background, resources, and skills to get rid of these creatures quickly. At Green Flash Pest Control, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative home pest control in San Diego to keep your living spaces peacefully pest-free. Get in touch with us today to request your courtesy inspection.