The Trick To Preventing Scorpions Around Your San Diego Yard

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Hiding under rocks and eating bugs is fun if you are a scorpion. Thankfully you are not a scorpion. These local pests are almost universally hated and known for the threat they pose to humans and animals. The question is, why do these pests invade homes in our area? Here is what you need to know about the scorpions in San Diego and a simple trick to preventing these pests. If you are more interested in professional scorpion pest control in San Diego, call Green Flash Pest Control. Our team will answer any questions you have about these pests and help you find a service option that meets your needs.

How To Identify A Scorpion

You might not know this, but the scorpion is an arachnid. Scorpions have eight legs and long stinger-tipped tails. The most common types of scorpions in San Diego are giant hairy scorpions, Arizona bark scorpions, and stripe-tailed scorpions. All three of these species like to live outdoors but will invade homes from time to time to seek shelter from adverse conditions outdoors. 

To spot bark scorpions around your property at night, use a UV light. They will light up with a pale blue color. Be careful when checking for scorpions on your property; these pests are venomous and will sting if they feel trapped. To identify an infestation inside your home, get the experts at Green Flash Pest Control involved. We offer fast and effective pest inspection services to help homeowners in our area identify harmful invaders like scorpions. 

What It Means If You're Seeing Scorpions Around Your Yard

Scorpions like to hide around washes. If your property has a wash behind it, check it for active scorpions. They might be hiding under rocks or other debris. We do not recommend lifting items scorpions might be under unless you have the proper safety equipment. Keeping all of this in mind, if you notice dangerous scorpions on your property, it means one thing; your home could be at risk of invasion. When uncomfortable weather pushes through the area, these stinger-tailed pests will look for places to shelter. They might also come indoors to hunt insects and other small creatures for food. We want to help you avoid this serious problem. One method we recommend is implementing some simple prevention strategies.

Five Naturally Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips For Around Your Yard

If you don't currently have scorpions inside your home, now is the time to put some preventative measures in place. Here are five naturally effective prevention tips to use today.

  1. Thoroughly check your home's exterior for holes, gaps, and cracks. Use a caulking gun or some liquid cement to fill potential entry points.
  2. Scorpions will climb in through windows and doors. Make sure these entry points are in good repair and keep them closed as much as possible.
  3. Even if you properly seal windows and doors, scorpions might crawl through the gaps surrounding them. In order to prevent this, address damaged screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.
  4. Often, a home becomes damaged from general wear and tear and natural disasters that sweep through. Repair any damage you find on your home's exterior.
  5. Scorpions need moisture to survive. Make your property less inviting by eliminating sources of standing water, repairing your gutters, and addressing damaged fixtures.

DIY methods can help deter scorpions, but they are not the perfect solution to these pests. If you are looking for a way to get rid of scorpions for good, get the experts at Green Flash Pest Control involved. Our team will help you find a pest control plan that best meets your need.

Contact The Pros For The Best Scorpion Control For Your Yard

Scorpions and other area pests are not going away any time soon. If you want protection for your home, you must take preemptive action. One great way to do this is to hire a pest control professional. At Green Flash Pest Control, we offer comprehensive options to identify, eliminate, and prevent a wide range of annoying, dangerous, and destructive invaders. We have been serving the greater San Diego area since 2015 and pride ourselves on our advanced pest control strategies. From common household invaders to specialty pests, we have services to meet all of your needs.

Call today to learn more about scorpion control in San Diego and schedule your home and property for a detailed service visit. We will not disappoint.