Termites Be Gone: Proven Techniques for Successful Termite Control In San Diego

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termite damage on cabinet

How hungry would you have to be to pick up a stick off the ground and eat it? Most people would never consider eating sticks or any type of wood. Why? Because most wood is not edible to humans. Do you know who can eat wood? Termites. These pests love to nibble their way through fallen trees, stumps, sticks, and other items that contain cellulose. They also like to invade homes. This is a problem.

Here is what you should know about the termites that want to chew their way through your San Diego home and how to keep them at bay. Reach out to Green Flash Pest Control if you know these bugs are indoors and want them gone quickly. We will utilize advanced termite removal strategies to help you deal with these invasive insects before they cause too much damage. 

You're Not Likely To See A Termite: How To Identify Signs Of Activity

One of the biggest problems with termites is how difficult they are to identify. These pests do not actively crawl through homes like other bugs do. They stay hidden deep inside the tunnels they chew in structural wood. Keeping this in mind, the best way to identify a termite infestation is by the signs they leave behind. Here are some of the most common signs of termites.

  • Mud tubes
  • Swarmers
  • Bubbling or peeling paint
  • Moisture spots
  • Sagging floors
  • Overly-squeaky floorboards
  • Hard-to-open windows and doors

To find out if these pests are inside your home, schedule it for a quick inspection. We will help you know what you are up against.

The Telltale Damage: How Termites Harm Your Home

The longer termites eat their way through a home, the more noticeable the damage they cause becomes. Most of the time, damage starts small and is only in foundational wood. As time goes on, these pests will work their way upwards into floors, walls, and eventually ceilings, spreading moisture and hollowing out wooden beams and boards. Termite repair services are essential if you are seeing some of these issues around your property.

Oftentimes, people do not notice these pests are around until after problems become severe. This is something we would like to help you avoid. Here is what you should know about professional termite control and how to make sure these pests stay out of your home year-round.

Professional Termite Control: Calling In The Experts

Would you like to stop termites before they enter your home? Your best option is to hire a pest control company. Our team at Green Flash Pest Control has everything you need to identify, eliminate, and prevent these terrible local insects.

With just one visit, we will find out what you are dealing with and put in place active treatments to give these bugs the boot. At the very least, schedule your home for an inspection. This will help you understand your risk and could help you identify termites before they cause too much trouble.

Fortify Your Defense: Measures To Prevent Termite Attacks

Although professional termite control in San Diego is the best way to prevent these pests, it is not your only option. Here are some DIY options to keep these bugs at bay. 

  • Address moisture problems inside and around your home.
  • Make sure your home’s wood is not water-damaged, rotting, or in decay.
  • Clean up sticks, leaves, and other organic clutter from your yard.
  • Remove fallen trees and dead stumps, and cut down dying trees.
  • Use a dehumidifier inside your home.

Call our team at Green Flash Pest Control to find out how we handle these pests or if you would like to schedule your San Diego home for termite control.