Answering Phoenix's Most Commonly Asked Scorpion Questions

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We get a lot of questions about scorpions because scorpions are just a fact of life if you live in Phoenix. Most questions relate to the threat scorpions can present when they come into our yards. Today, we're going to address three that we get quite a bit, and provide you with some helpful tips to prevent unwanted encounters.

How venomous is a scorpion?

Most scorpions aren't any more venomous than a bee or a wasp. If you're stung, it can be painful, but you're not likely to have any medical complications. A type of scorpion to watch out for is the Arizona bark scorpion. This is considered to be the most venomous scorpion in North America. Out of more than 60 species of scorpions found in Arizona, it is the most common scorpion species in Phoenix. The more you know Arizona bark scorpions the better. While your chances of dying from a bark scorpion bite in the United States are low, the symptoms can be severe and medical treatment is a wise choice.

What does a scorpion in your house mean?

It is believed by some that the appearance of a scorpion in the home is good luck. It could mean this. But what it definitely means is that your home has openings scorpions are able to use to get into your house. It is likely that it also means that you have other pests in your home that scorpions are feeding on.

How do you keep scorpions out of your house?

There are many ways to keep scorpions out of your Phoenix residence. Here are some of our best suggestions.

Reduce Water Resources

  • Remove standing water on your property. If you have conditions that allow water to sit in puddles, address them.
  • Remove containers that capture water. These are drinking holes for scorpions.

Reduce Food Resources

  • Turn lights off at night, or replace white bulbs with yellow bulbs. White light attracts insects, and particularly crickets, which are an ideal food source for scorpions.
  • Consider a residential pest control plan to reduce a wide range of insects and other pests around your Phoenix home. This is the best way to reduce scorpion activity.

Remove Harborage Options

  • Remove brush piles, organic clutter, and other debris. Scorpions prefer to hide under these.
  • Remove clutter in your yard. While scorpions prefer organic debris, they'll also hide under man-made objects, like flower pots, toys, and other items sitting in your yard. Remove any objects that don't need to be outside.

Seal Your Exterior

Do a detailed inspection of your exterior and seal any gaps, cracks, or holes you find. 

  • Pay close attention to exterior doors. Scorpions can get past gaps in weatherstripping and damaged door sweeps.
  • Replace damaged screens on windows and doors.
  • Check around any pipes that enter your home. Moisture points like this are attractive to scorpions.
  • Repair cracks in your foundation.
  • Use a caulking gun to address any gaps between your foundation and your soleplates.

Phoenix Pest Control 

If you live in the Phoenix area, reach out to Green Flash Pest Control and learn about our year-round residential pest control services. Our service is comprehensive. Not only does it reduce the insects that scorpions eat, it provides direct control as well. Bark scorpions are a serious threat to you and your family, but they are far from the only Arizona pests that present threats. Ongoing pest treatments and pest maintenance is the preventative measure for scorpions. Get your protection in place today.