The Ultimate Guide To Earwigs: Habits, Prevention, and Control In San Diego

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Earwigs may arguably be one of the oddest-looking pests found around San Diego homes. These creatures have been around for over 200 million years. However, they have only been in this country for a little over 100 years. 

These bugs prefer to live outdoors, but they will come into your home to seek shelter from the harsh temperatures outside. If you see these creepy bugs crawling through your home, try to remain calm. Our professional earwig exterminators at Green Flash Pest Control are here to help keep these bugs away from your San Diego property. 

What Are Earwigs? A Brief Overview

Many people experience extreme fear and anxiety when seeing an earwig crawling around. These insects have one of the most intimidating appearances. They typically measure between ½ to 1 inch long. They have long, slender bodies that are usually a dark-brown color, with six legs and two antennae. They also have two large pincers at the end of their body. These pincers look scary, but other than giving your finger a tight squeeze, they don't cause any harm to humans. These odd-looking bugs also have a pair of wings on their back, but they are not strong flyers and will usually walk to their destination. 

Earwigs like to live outdoors in dark and damp places, and you can find them hiding under rocks, stacks of lumber, and other areas out of sight. However, they will come inside your home when looking for shelter, food, and water. And while they are unable to fly well, they can run extremely fast and crawl up vertical surfaces. 

If you see one of these menacing-looking creatures in your home, you will need the help of an earwig removal expert to get it out of your home.  

Earwig Problems: Harmless To You, Dangerous To Your Plants

Earwigs like to eat a variety of plant materials, typically dying or decaying plants. However, they are also known to eat fresh and healthy flowers that you have around your home. Even though they are small bugs, they can cause a lot of damage to the plants in your yard. Just a few small nibbles from this bug can cause enough damage to the plant that it will eventually die. 

While they may look scary, earwigs are known to be primarily a nuisance pest. They are capable of biting and pinching humans. However, they only do this when they feel threatened, and they aren't able to cause bleeding or any significant damage. 

If you see any of these bugs lurking around your home or garden, you should contact an earwig exterminator near you. 

Earwig Prevention Strategies: Natural Remedies That Work

Earwig removal may require professional intervention. However, there are several things that you can do to prevent them from coming into your home, which include:

  • Remove any dead leaves or other decaying plants from your yard.
  • Don´t leave your outdoor lights on all night long.
  • Remove any clutter from the inside of your home. 

These tips can help to prevent these bugs from entering your home. However, if you see several earwigs around your property, you will need the help of an earwig exterminator. 

An Effective Earwig Removal Method: Contact Us Today!

Earwigs are fast and sly insects. They are difficult to catch and challenging to trap if you do not have experience with earwig removal. 

At Green Flash Pest Control, we can help ensure these annoying bugs don't bother you anymore. Give us a call today to see how we can help keep earwigs away from your San Diego property.