Don't Accidentally Attract Scorpions In Phoenix!

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a striped bark scorpion crawling on the ground

What are the worst pests you could imagine? Many people would answer spiders, but there's one other similar pest that's just as terrifying. Scorpions are also a kind of arachnid and are closely related to spiders. Although they aren't as common, they are a reasonably prevalent pest in Arizona.

Scorpions in Phoenix are notable for their two front pincers and the large stinger at the end of their tails. Nobody wants to be stung by these creatures, and finding even one around your property is usually upsetting. In this guide, you'll learn what attracts scorpions and get tips for keeping them away.

The Different Kinds Of Scorpions In Phoenix

There are a few different scorpion species in the area.

Here is a brief guide to the main varieties and what they look like:

  • Giant Hairy Scorpion: This species is on the larger side at up to 5.5 inches. They are a yellowish tan and have black backs.
  • Yellow Ground Scorpion: This species is light brown and has gray marking on its back. They grow up to two inches long.
  • Striped Bark Scorpion: These scorpions are the only dangerous species. They are yellowish-tan and have brown markings on their backs. They also glow blue under UV light and are around two to three inches long.

While getting stung by any scorpion can hurt, striped bark scorpions are the most dangerous. Their venom is potent enough to pose health risks, especially to at-risk populations like children. 

You May Be Accidentally Attracting Scorpions

No one wants to have scorpions around their property, but you could be attracting these arachnids without even realizing it. Despite the association with deserts, some of the most common scorpions prefer areas that provide dark, damp environments.

To avoid attracting these pests, you can follow a few of these scorpion control steps:

  • Remove excess clutter around the yard. Focus on removing organic debris like leaf litter, old lumber, and mulch.
  • Reduce moisture problems by getting rid of standing water around your yard and fixing leaky plumbing.
  • Eliminate underlying pest problems. Scorpions eat other insects, so one of the best ways to deter them is by getting rid of other pest issues.
  • Seal up entry points into your home using caulk or foam insulation to fix holes in the walls and foundation.
  • Contact a Phoenix pest control expert for more help.

Even if you haven't seen any scorpions around your yard or in your home, it's still wise to take the time to prevent them. You'll get peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected against Phoenix scorpions.

How Bad Is It To Have Scorpions In My Yard?

As mentioned, scorpions aren't generally as dangerous as most people assume. While they are scary and their stings hurt, most don't have potent enough venom to be a genuine concern.

The primary group of at-risk people is children. So, if you have young kids in your home, you should take special care to prevent and remove scorpion problems. The striped bark scorpion can also cause more severe symptoms even in healthy adults, so if you notice this species, our Green Flash Pest Control team can remove them in no time.

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions For Good

If you are trying to remove scorpions from your property or want ongoing protection from these pests, our pest control experts have the experience you're looking for to deal with these dangerous pests. Call Green Flash Pest Control to request an inspection or get a quote and get started on our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.