How Dangerous Are Striped Tail Scorpions In Phoenix?

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If you have ever lived up north, you know that scorpions are not a common pest to most of the United States. They are almost exclusive to the most southern states and are relatively common in our area. One scorpion that regularly causes trouble for Phoenix homeowners is the striped tail scorpion. To help you better understand this invasive pest and the danger it poses to locals, here are a few things you should know.

What Is The Striped Tail Scorpion?

The striped tail scorpion is a common property pest in Phoenix. Known for its pale light yellow, 1-3” long body, front pinchers, long segmented tail, and curled stinger, this pest is just about as scary as bugs come. Often mistaken for the Arizona bark scorpion, an extremely dangerous species that also live in our area, the striped tail scorpion hides around properties beneath rocks and in other dark secluded areas. 

Why Do Striped Tail Scorpions Invade Homes?

Scorpions are not like many other pests. They do not invade homes because they want to but out of necessity. More specifically, scorpions invade homes when exterior weather conditions become unfavorable to their health or when their food comes inside and their only choice to stay fed is to follow them. If you didn’t know, scorpions live on a diet of insects, arthropods, and arachnids. One thing that regularly pushes scorpions into homes is construction. If buildings are being built in your neighborhood, expect these pests to flock into nearby structures to avoid being injured.

The Dangers Of The Striped Tail Scorpion

There is no denying that the striped tail scorpion appears dangerous. Fortunately, this is not the case. Although venomous, this home-invading pest could only hurt a fly or other bugs that live in our area. A sting from a striped tail scorpion does, however, come with a bit of pain, much like that of a bee sting. If you are allergic to insect venom, a sting from one of these pests could be dangerous. If you have never been stung before and do not know your risk, consult your doctor.

How To Keep Striped Tail Scorpions Out Of Your Home

When it comes to keeping striped tail scorpions out of your home there are two things you need to do; eliminate entry points and limit their access to food. Because these pests eat other pests, here are some general pest prevention tips you should use around your property.

  • Mow your grass at least once a week and more often during times of heavy rain.
  • Trim your hedges.
  • Eliminate sources of water build-up around your property.
  • Address problems with your home’s gutter system.
  • Turn off exterior lights at night.
  • Keep your living areas clean.
  • Pick up clutter and debris from around your yard.
  • Store leftover foods inside airtight containers.
  • Seal holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation using a caulking gun or some liquid cement.
  • Repair damaged window/door screens.
  • Fix broken weatherstripping and or door sweeps.

What To Do If Striped Tail Scorpions Get Inside

Scorpions are the last pests you want crawling around inside your home. If you suspect there is an active infestation inside or around your home, do not hesitate to get a professional involved. For reliable and affordable pest control you can trust, turn to the experts at Green Flash Pest Control. 

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