The Different Kinds Of Rodent Control That Exist In Phoenix

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Are you tired of finding invasive critters inside your Phoenix home? You are not alone. Many homeowners in our area are fed up with pest problems. The question is, how do you stop invaders like rodents from causing trouble for you? We recommend finding a rodent control plan that meets your individual needs. Here is what you should know about professional rodent control, how to identify these pests inside your home, and what you need to protect your living areas, year-round. (If you would like immediate help with a rodent infestation, jump over to our contact page and reach out to us!)

Commonly Missed Signs Of Rodent Infestations 

In most cases, people wait until they see rodents before they suspect there is a problem indoors. If you look closer, you can identify these furry pests long before they start causing issues. To help with this, here are a few commonly missed signs of house rodents you might not know about.

  • Grease marks on floors and baseboards
  • Pellets of fecal matter in the backs of pantries, under sinks, and in other areas where rodents spend time
  • Torn-up fabrics, paper, insulation, and cardboard
  • Holes chewed through walls and boxes
  • Skittering noises inside your walls and ceilings late at night
  • The smell of urine in the air

For more help with identifying a rodent problem, schedule your home for a thorough inspection. This is the best way to identify what types of pests are present and assess your risk of future problems. 

What To Do If You Suspect There Are Rodents In Your Home

Facing a rodent problem can be a scary task. If you are noticing signs of rodents indoors it is important that you act fast. These furry invaders cause a lot of problems that can grow out of hand quickly. We recommend starting with some snap traps. These are the most common, and may be an effective option when used at the beginning of an infestation. Bait the snap traps with peanut butter and place them in areas you suspect vermin rodents are traveling, such as under sinks, in the backs of pantries, and near holes inside walls. Make sure to use protective gloves and a face mask when disposing of caught rodents. If your problem goes away in a few weeks, great. If you are still noticing signs of rodents, do not hesitate to get a professional involved.

Different Methods Of Rodent Control 

Snap traps are the most user-friendly answer to rodent problems. This is not, however, the only method people use to control these furry foes. Professionals regularly take advantage of more complex traps, bait, and other advanced methods for treating rodents. A smart company will assess your risk before recommending any form of treatment. If an infestation is severe, your technician will most likely use a combination of strategies to remove rodents and then incorporate some long-term solutions to prevent re-infestation. Find out what rodent control might look like for your home by getting in touch with the experts at Green Flash Pest Control.

Professional Pest Control Can Help Keep Your Home Pest-Free!

In order to keep big and small rodents out of your Phoenix home, you need some form of rodent control. Find a service that works best for you by involving the professionals at Green Flash Pest Control. Let us find out what kinds of rodents are causing problems in your home and offer some quick solutions to get these pests out. Pest control doesn't have to be complicated. 

Call our team today to learn more about our advanced pest control in Phoenix. We will answer questions you have and schedule a rodent control visit for your home and property.