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While pest problems in your Coronado home or business might seem like a pretty common occurrence, the common kinds of damage that local pests can do to your property and your health can be devastating. That’s why Green Flash Pest Control provides local homes and businesses with high-quality, affordable pest control solutions that everyone can count on. We offer: 

  • Guaranteed services 
  • Locally owned customer service 
  • Thorough, detailed treatments 
  • Decades of pest control experience

Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our highly trained pest control technicians. 

Home Pest Control In Coronado, CA

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In a place like Coronado, taking care of pest problems quickly and permanently could save you from a lot of property damage and health complications. Unfortunately, there are no permanent solutions apart from professional services.  That’s why it’s so important to get the proper professional care that puts your needs first. 

At Green Flash Pest Control, we provide high-quality professional care with a personal touch. Plus, we certify our services with a customer satisfaction guarantee backed by decades of pest control experience. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.

Commercial Pest Control In Coronado, CA

If you own or manage a business in the Coronado area, then a lack of pest control could lead to failed health inspections, contaminated inventory, and severe damage to your reputation in the community. Thanks to social media, one pest problem in your facility could be seen by hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. So who can you turn to for the effective, affordable care you need?

When it comes to protecting your business from pests, never settle for anything less than a pest-free guarantee backed by decades of pest control experience. Our expert commercial pest control technicians will inspect your property and customize a plan to ensure your employees and customers never witness a pest problem in your facility. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection and say goodbye to pests in your Coronado area business.


Five Best Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Coronado

They may be some of the nastiest pests that invade Coronado area homes, but cockroaches are also some of the most dangerous. Since they spread dangerous bacteria as they search for sustainable food sources within your home, cockroach infestations can lead to salmonella, E. coli, and more. 

Roaches have flexible bodies that can squeeze through all kinds of cracks and crevices throughout a home, so they can be very difficult to keep out. Plus, once they’re in, a robust infestation is hard to control with store-bought sprays and home remedies. The best ways to limit their attraction to your home and encourage them to leave your property include: 

  • Storing food and trash properly
  • Cleaning regularly to limit loose crumbs
  • Sealing cracks and crevices to limit further invasion
  • Addressing moisture issues
  • Trusting experienced pest professionals

While many things you can do around your home can limit your chances of incurring a cockroach infestation, there is very little you can do about roach eradication. Green Flash Pest Control offers the most effective roach control solutions in the Coronado area, backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call today to find out more about our cockroach prevention and eradication services.


How To Tell The Difference Between A Wasp And A Hornet In Coronado

On your Coronado property, you could have a variety of stinging insects that can put you and your family at risk during your outdoor time. Wasps and hornets are two of the most dangerous stinging insects in the area. Hornets can sting multiple times, leading to painful swelling and even anaphylactic shock. However, the common paper wasp is usually more territorial and will issue a distress signal to other nearby wasps when the nest is threatened. This creates even more of a chance for multiple stings from multiple wasps, increasing the risk of severe health hazards.

Paper wasps are usually burgundy in color, and they hang around in slightly smaller groups than hornets. They’ll create nests out of wood shavings and a saliva-like material under your outdoor deck ceilings and up in trees. Spending their time in much larger groups, hornets will create larger nests that hang from trees and under your deck ceilings as well. 

Hornets are gray and yellow in color, which is the best way to distinguish them from wasps. Either way, the only way to get rid of them is by removing the nests with professional help. Never attempt to remove the nests yourself, as this is the most dangerous activity when it comes to putting yourself at risk of a wasp or hornet sting. If you notice these insects and their nests on your property, give our pest control experts a call at Green Flash Pest Control immediately. 


The Truth About Scorpions In Coronado

Scorpions are a very common pest in the Coronado area and they instill a lot of fear in most residents. With their oversized pincers and oddly-shaped bodies, scorpions look unlike any other pest you’ve ever encountered. They seek dry and warm environments, which is why they get driven inside homes and places of businesses when the temperatures outside drop. During this time, scorpions are looking for somewhere cool, moist, and dark to live, and that often results in taking over your attic or basement. In Coronado, the most likely species of scorpion that you’re likely to encounter are the bark scorpion, Arizona hairy scorpion, and the stripe-tailed scorpion.

While all scorpions contain venom, their natural instinct when confronted by a human is actually to run away and hide. When a scorpion stings you, they can actually control how much venom to inject, which is supposedly determined by how much danger they feel they’re in. However, if stung by a scorpion, you should seek medical attention immediately. Because they are capable of reproducing frequently and in high numbers, the best thing you can do to protect your property from scorpions is to contact the pros at Green Flash Pest Control. For more information on our scorpion control offerings, contact us today.


Answering Coronado's Most Commonly Asked Spider Questions

Spiders may look scary to some Coronado residents, but how dangerous are they really? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about spiders in the area:

  • Are the spiders around my home dangerous? Most of the spiders that you encounter around your Coronado property do not pose any significant health risk, however, two of them do. The black widow spider is most easily spotted by its glossy black coat and iconic red hourglass stamp, while the brown recluse has six eyes, and is the only spider with this feature.

  • Why do I have spiders in my home? Spiders get drawn inside homes for a few key reasons: in search of food and when the conditions outside change. While you might not have control over the heat in Coronado, you can certainly seal up the cracks and crevices around your property to ensure that spiders can’t gain access to the inside. And when it comes to a spider’s food source, that's usually pests like cockroaches, flies, and gnats. So keeping away spiders and the pests they eat means maintaining good hygiene inside the home, storing food properly, and addressing issues with moisture.

  • How do I get rid of them? The best way to get rid of the spiders in your home is by controlling other pest problems and rectifying any issues that you have with moisture. The most effective way to accomplish these goals is by enlisting the help of your local pest professional for spider control services.

For complete spider control and to control the pests they prey on, contact Green Flash Pest Control today. 


When Should I Worry About Ticks In Coronado?

Ticks are plentiful in Coronado, especially during the late spring through early fall. They populate backyards, densely settled areas, and any parks that you might visit. Ticks are able to very easily latch onto your clothing, belongings, or even your hair, and go for a ride right into your home without being noticed. Being concerned about ticks is also a reality if you have dogs or cats that spend any amount of time outside. Pets are one of the most common ways that ticks and other parasites get brought inside the home because of the settings that they tend to spend time in. Additionally, you should be concerned about ticks if you have a rodent or wildlife problem on your property, as these pests are also notorious for carrying ticks, as well as fleas and mites. 

The biggest issue with ticks is that you simply can’t tell by looking at them if they’re a carrier for the dangerous pathogens that cause things like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Anywhere up to 50% of ticks could be carrying a health risk. That’s why every tick needs to be treated seriously, and with professional care from Green Flash Pest Control, we can help keep ticks off of your property. Contact us today for more information about our tick control services. 


A Practical Guide To Ant Control For Your Coronado Property

Ants will move into your Coronado property at the first whiff of crumbs or a sugary spill. Here are some practical tips to utilize in order to keep them away:

  • Seal up the cracks and openings around your home, paying special attention to your foundation and gaps around doors and windows. Try methods like replacing worn window screens and installing door sweeps where necessary.

  • Always keep your food and pantry items properly stored in sealed containers.

  • Opt for a garbage bin with a lid, line your bin with a trash bag, and take out the garbage on a regular basis.

  • If you spot a spill or crumbs in your home, clean it thoroughly. Even things like spilled shampoo and soap are enough to attract ants.

  • When you notice a leaky downspout, faucet, or pipe, fix it.

  • Know that it’s never too soon to bring in professional help for year-round ant control.

For the ultimate protection from ants, contact Green Flash Pest Control today and find out more about our ant control services.


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