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It’s no secret that Pacific Beach, CA is one of the most desirable places to live in the entire country. Unfortunately, it isn’t just desirable to people. We also have a ton of property-invading pests, in the area, that home and business owners need to be prepared for throughout the year. These pests can damage homes and businesses, and they can spread harmful disease-causing bacteria and pathogens.

If you are a Pacific Beach property owner, you need effective San Diego County pest control solutions if you want to keep these unwanted invaders out of your property. At Green Flash Pest Control, we offer both residential and commercial pest solutions that you can count on to keep your property pest-free all year long. Continue reading to learn more about some of our service offerings. Or give us a call today to schedule a free inspection of your property.

Home Pest Control In Pacific Beach, CA

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Residential pest control is important to keeping your home and family safe from the various threats that pests pose.

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your property. During this inspection, we look for entry points, signs of life, and other conducive conditions. We then devise a treatment plan based on our findings. These treatments include interior and exterior services which are designed to eliminate current pests and prevent future infestations.

We believe in constant communication with our customers. We will always inform you of what we’ve found and the treatment plan that we plan to use. We may also make suggestions on steps you can take to protect your home in the future. Give us a call today to learn more about our residential pest control process.

Commercial Pest Control In Pacific Beach, CA

Pests can create a number of problems for businesses. They damage property, spread disease, and drive away customers. You will need effective commercial pest control solutions to keep these unwanted pests out of your business.

We begin by speaking with you to learn about what you’ve been experiencing. Then, we perform a comprehensive inspection of the property to determine any problem area, entry points, or other conducive conditions. We utilize Integrated Pest Management methodologies. Our treatments eliminate current pests and prevent future infestations while being as least invasive as possible. We also provide ongoing services to ensure your business remains pest-free.

How To Keep Spiders From Invading Your Pacific Beach Home

Spiders are interesting pests as they provide quite a benefit to the surrounding ecosystem by keeping insect populations from growing to be too large. However, that doesn’t mean we want them coming into our homes. Although most spiders that you come across are harmless, some are considered dangerous. Therefore, it’s always best to keep these unwanted arachnids out. To do so effectively, you also need to keep out the insects that they feed on. To do so:

  • Store food in airtight containers or the fridge. 
  • Keep countertops and floors clean. 
  • Take out the trash regularly. 
  • Use dehumidifiers in poorly ventilated areas. 
  • Install door sweeps, weather-stripping, and window and door screens. 
  • Fill in cracks in the foundation. 
  • Wipe away webs when you come across them.

For more spider prevention advice, contact the pros here at Green Flash Pest Control. We also offer spider control solutions that you can count on to keep spiders out of your home. Give us a call today to learn more.

Five Easy Tricks To Keep Ants Off Your Pacific Beach Property

There are no two ways about it, no one wants ants living on their Pacific Beach property. After all, ants can spread bacteria, damage property, and can even bite. The best method for keeping these unwanted invaders out is to remove any factors that attract them and seal off potential entry points. This includes:

  1. Store all food in containers that are airtight if not in the fridge.
  2. Keep counters and floors free of food debris and spills. 
  3. Take out the trash regularly and use bins with tight-fitting lids. 
  4. Install door sweeps under exterior doors. 
  5. Fill in cracks in the foundation with caulk.

If you are experiencing ant infestations on your property, contact the professionals here at Green Flash Pest Control. We offer ant control services that eliminate current ants and prevent them from returning. Give us a call today to learn more.

German Cockroach Prevention Methods For Pacific Beach Homeowners

When it comes to cockroach pests, German cockroaches are the worst. These unsanitary insects are the most common structure-infesting pests in the world. At Green Flash Pest Control, we apply layers of control to deal with these troublesome insects. Your cockroach control service will include many of the following:

  • A sanitation report that alerts you to conducive conditions that support German cockroach infestations.

  • A liquid treatment applied to cracks and crevices.

  • Dust injections inside wall voids and other key locations where German cockroaches hide.

  • Deployment of appropriately selected bait.

  • Use of an atomizer to flush cockroaches out of hiding places.

Before your treatment, we provide you with a prep sheet to get your home ready. We make sure everything is done in a way that will ensure the best chance of successful control.

How Dangerous Are Earwigs In Pacific Beach?

Earwigs are pretty scary to look at but how scary are they actually? Let's consider some of the fears folks have about these creepy pests.

Do earwigs bite?

No. They are not known to bite humans.

Do earwigs pinch?

Yes, but those foreboding-looking pincers are not strong enough to break through human skin.

Do earwigs crawl in your ear?

They can, but they are far from the only insects that can crawl into your ear while you sleep. Your chance of having another insect crawl into your ear is much higher than having an earwig get in there.

Do earwigs lay their eggs in the ear canal of sleeping people?

No. Your ear canal does not provide an appropriate environment to sustain earwig babies.

Do earwigs eat human brains?

Even if they wanted to (which they don't) you should find comfort knowing that they don't have the ability to get to your brains.

Earwigs are almost entirely harmless to humans. Certain species present a problem to landscape vegetation and gardens. This might be a concern for you. If it is, contact Green Flash Pest Control for assistance with earwig management.

Flea & Tick Season In Pacific Beach Is Here, Are You Prepared?

If you take steps right now, you can make it more difficult for fleas and ticks to live on your property and impact the health of your family. These two parasitic pests are carried into your yard by wild animals. When animal activity increases, so do flea and tick problems. Use these steps to deter animals and prevent conditions that can allow fleas and ticks to hatch and develop near your home:

  • Pick up fruit and nuts. If you have trees that produce a food source for animals, it is essential to stay on top of cleanup.

  • Protect your veggies and your berries. These are two highly desirable food sources for animals.

  • If you have bird feeders, keep in mind that birds aren't the only animals that eat seeds. It is a good idea to move bird feeders well away from exterior walls.

  • Use fencing material to protect voids underneath structures. When animals create nests or bed down, fleas have the environment they need in order to go from eggs to mature adults.

  • Trim landscape vegetation to reduce moisture that allows ticks and fleas to survive. Doing so will also make your landscaping more difficult for small animals to hide in.

  • Move wood scraps, dead branches, and other sources of wood away from your exterior. These offer hiding places for tiny animals.

  • Protect trash and keep trash receptacles free of odors that can attract animals from a distance.

  • Keep your grass cut and address weed problems. Doing this will make your yard feel less like nature and more like a place wild animals shouldn't be exploring.

On top of these methods, keep in mind that routine treatments can prevent tick and flea development near your home. Connect with us to learn more or to schedule service for your Pacific Beach home.

What Are The Different Types Of Rats Around Pacific Beach?

The most common rat pests in Pacific Beach are roof rats and Norway rats. Roof rats are black rats that scale trees, jump from branches onto your roof, and infest your attic. Norway rats are brown rats that come onto your property and create burrows in the ground. They get into homes through entry points near the ground.

While these facts are generally true, it is important to understand that black rats and brown rats can reverse roles in order to survive. As an example, roof rats have been found digging burrows underneath foundations in areas where roof access is not available.

At the first sign of rats on your property, it is best to contact Green Flash Pest Control. Our licensed pest professionals have the training and experience to get control of your rat control issue, even when rats behave in unexpected ways. Connect with us today to request our rodent control service for your Pacific Beach home or business.


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